is in beta, NOT active and NOT accepting any investments.

How It Works

Invest Now 24/ is a turnkey platform where a company can display their Regulation A public offering and take advantage of premium unbiased marketing to include a feature on the National TV show; Invest Shopping Network featured on targeted cable outlets.

Testing the waters icon

Testing The Waters

Enables companies to easily gauge the likely success of a Reg A offering and make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with an offering

Preparing the offer icon

Preparing The Offer

After a company has decided to pursue an IPO, they will need to draft a Form 1-A with the help of “Invest Now 24/7” and obtain reviewed or audited financial.

Launch The Raise Icon

Launch The Raise

We'll work in tandem with the company to effectively market the campaign, manage investor relations, and facilitate online investments at sale.

Advertise The Raise Icons

Advertise The Raise

National TV, Radio & Digital Advertisements will drive investor traffic to InvestNow24/7's online platform.

Financing Alternatives

Financing Alternative

We have partnered with FunderFund to help you find a financing alternative. You can use the funds for anything.

Closing the Round

Closing The Round

InvestNow24/7 will be managing the entire closing process and ensure that all legal and regulatory obligations are met.