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      Jewel Vodka

      Drink, Invest, and Live Life

      Be a part of this Global Revolution Luxury lifestyle brand that brings people together in celebration! Invest, Invest, Invest and join in taking over the Vodka industry. Own a piece of a Vodka brand that is above the Jewel Vodka.

      How we will succeed

      Our brand is delivering the ultimate choice for celebrating, gifting, and enjoyment. Our mission is motivated and fueled by our commitment to our entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to innovate a refined Vodka.

      We have strategically defined our marketing and promotional campaigns to target all Vodka aficionados. By utilizing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and national commercials, we will generate brand equity and brand loyalty.

      While focusing on our core message and the Company’s philosophy of class, style, and elegance, we will make our mark on growing our brand around the globe as the First LUXURY Vodka brand available to the masses.

      Currently Distributed In

      • USA-CA, FL, NV and TX
      • Australia
      • New Zealand
      • Fiji
      • UK
      • Denmark
      • Canada

      With your investments we will be entering these markets:

      • USA- Top 12 markets
      • France
      • Spain
      • Mexico
      • UAE
      • India
      • Austria
      • China
      • Singapore
      • Hong Kong
      • Macau
      • Germany
      • South America
      • Italy

      Jewel Vodka will provide exceptional brand identity combined with the finest CRAFT vodka for all sales channels: bars, clubs, BOTTLE Service, retail, duty free, gifting market, internet sales, five-star hotels, casinos, restaurants, as well as Customized bottles for special events, corporate gifts market, weddings & anniversaries.